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How To Deal With Living Alone

Living Alone, In fact, it is a conflict between freedom and loneliness

So you’re sitting in your apartment or dorm, eating ice cream, rewatching Parks and Recreation for the fifth time, and online shopping because you have absolutely nothing better to do or anyone to hang out with.

This is the freedom you have always pined for and you could want nothing more in that moment than to just go home and be tucked into your old bed in your old bedroom.

And then it hits you… Why did I even want to grow up so fast?!

Whether you live in an apartment, in a house, or even just moved away from your parents and live in a college dorm, you realize that the hype eventually dies down. It doesn’t matter that you can do whatever you want, whenever you want to do it.

Your friends are too busy or just not around, and you see yourself calling your parents more and more. Which is actually a good thing, as you’ll soon find out. Nonetheless, it can get pretty, well… lonely.

Although I love my independence and wouldn’t want it any other way, I do find that it can sometimes send me into a downward spiral and just drive me crazy sitting at home all day.

I have amazing friends; the kind that you can just call up and they’ll be down for anything. But unfortunately they live so far away; I only really get to see them during the holidays or Thanksgiving.

So I’ve figured out a few ways to keep from going insane while living alone :

1.  Don’t lock yourself up at home

If you have some homework to do, if you’re still in school, a few errands to run, or even just to want to lounge and read a book, head out to a library or Starbucks or park. Just being out of the house will make you feel more productive.

2.  Put on some of that lipstick you don’t wear as often

It’s only going to go to waste if you don’t. Put yourself together a bit, even if it’s just to stop by the grocery store. Give each day purpose and put your best self out there.

3.  Don’t wait for company

This is a huge one for me, because I’m a foodie. I love going to restaurants and new coffee spots, but I never did because I didn’t have someone to go with me. Not all of my friends are as adventurous as I am, so it’s disappointing when you wait months for them to come home, only to hang out at the same places. I know it seems weird to go to a restaurant or coffee shop alone (save the fancy, dimly-lit ones for a date), but you don’t need company to have experiences. 

4.  Better yourself and ditch the social media

This is your “me-time” and you won’t get it ever again once you get married and have kids (if that’s what you’re into). Go to the gym, eat fruits and vegetables, eat chocolate cake, binge-watch some Netflix, find a new hobby; do whatever will help both your emotional and physical health and be present in that moment. Waiting for that text, posing for your next instagram, or tweeting how much fun you’re having by yourself won’t make you happier.

5.  Call your mom

It makes her the happiest person in the world and it’ll do the same for you. Trust me.

6.  Meditate

I’m a newbie at this, and it’s easier said than done. Trying to not think about anything is harder when you’re concentrating on doing it. But feeling lonely has nothing to do with how many people are in your life or proximity. It can be self-inflicted, and quieting those thoughts just may be the solution.

On one hand you want to have someone around, or move back home with your parents, and on the other hand you want your freedom.

It can be mentally debilitating living alone, and that can affect our mood and attitude, but these tips will help keep those thoughts from coming in your mind.

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