my resolutions for 2016

My 16 Resolutions For 2016

New Year, New Me?

Half of me is on this boat with everyone else, and the other half is with the rest of the cynics and their own slogan, “New Year, Same Me.”

Nonetheless, I’m sucker for new beginnings and there’s always room for improvement.

In the past years, I’ve found that I make too many extreme resolutions, and end up feeling discouraged when the next New Year’s Eve rolls by, and I’ve accomplished none of them.

So this year I wanted to make sure I can look back on New Year’s and say with confidence that I actually met all of my resolutions. So I kept it simple. I formed 16 resolutions, a few simple ones and a few that are a stretch, printed it out, and taped it on my wall in plain sight so I can always refer back to them.

Here are my resolutions for 2016…

1. Less coffee, more tea

2.  Learn to cook 5 meals

3.  Get a job

4.  Save $ 500

5.  Yoga at least three times a week if not everyday

6.  Meditate

7.  Straight A’s

8.  Get my Blog up

9.  Dress up, and put my best foot forward

10.  Put coconut oil in my hair whenever possible

11.  Practice gratitude

12.  Pray

13.  Read 5 books

14.  Go out more even if it’s by yourself

15.  Sleep more

16.  Don’t wait for motivation, just get it done

I really wanted to keep my resolutions for 2016 realistic for the most part because, as it happens for the most of us, we fall of track and end up making the same resolutions the next New Year’s Eve.

In 2015, I finally got a grip of how to manage my time and I saw results.

After that, I felt like anything was possible.

Every small goal I accomplished gave me the motivation to accomplish something bigger.

This is my hope for 2016.

Accomplishing these 16 realistic goals will place me in a better position to make even bigger goals for 2017.

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