favorites in 2015

My 15 Favorites In 2015

Aside from writing on my blog, I love watching Youtube videos!

One of my favorite types of videos to watch are favorites videos and I like these for a couple of reasons.

All of the products whether beauty or miscellaneous, have all been tried and tested, so their reviews are honest.

Secondly, it includes products ranging from beauty, skin, hair, lifestyle, fashion… anything that person has been using, and my list of favorites is just as random!

Beauty Blender

I am so late in getting on the beauty blender train but better late than never! The typical egg-shaped blender is a must-have for anyone who wears foundation. It doesn’t leave the streaks that foundation brushes do and gives a more flawless, airbrushed finish. They can be found at Sephora for about $20, and if you can’t splurge there are more affordable versions at Ulta and Target, however, they do not have that classic egg shape.


I sound like a 60-year old lady, but they make a huge difference! (And the gummies are delicious!) Nothing can replace a proper diet with fresh fruits and vegetables, but I’m happy to not have to worry about my vitamin intake on the days I’m too lazy to prepare a good meal.

Passion Planner

You can get more information about this in my Passion Planner Review post, but this is the planner of all planners! I have never felt more productive and they sell undated planners if you haven’t invested in one for 2016. (Or want to replace the one you already bought because it’s clearly way better).

Revlon Super Lustrous Lipstick

For the sought-after “no-makeup” look, this is my perfect nude lip color. It’s in the shade 130 Rose Velvet, just slightly over $5, and a close dupe for Kylie’s nude lip color.

You Are a Badass

How to Stop Doubting your Greatness and Start Living an Awesome Life by Jen Sincero. There will be a full review of this book up on the blog soon, but it is right now by favorite book of all time.

Staedtler Triplus Fine liner Pens

These are the special pens you don’t ever want to let anyone borrow. It’s 0.3 mm fine tip is perfect for doodling, note-taking, and for my fellow tiny writers. I always overfill my planner with all the stuff I fool myself to believe I can finish in one day and the fine tip is perfect for that.


For anyone that knows me, I am a fervent coffee drinker. I can’t function without my morning dose of caffeine, but as of recently, I’ve gotten into an erratic sleep cycle and horrible abdominal pain. After switching to non-caffeine teas, after the withdrawal headaches wore off, I feel more energetic, my skin is looking healthier and my eye bags are gone!

White Boards

Somehow, everything is less intimidating with a white board. Planning, brainstorming… calculus. Everyone should have one, especially high school and college students.


I’m just starting to have a solid makeup collection and one day I decided it was about time I learn to contour! The current powder contour I use is Tarte’s Social Butterfly from their limited edition In the Light holiday set with an angled elf contour brush.

Brita Filter

There’s a little pamphlet that comes with your water bill that tells you everything that’s in your water. Safe yourself the horror, and don’t read it. I constantly drink water and having the pitcher in my room saves me the trip downstairs.

Coconut Oil

Use it on your hair, skin, hands, and feet. You’ll notice the difference immediately.


They are worth the investment. I never saw the point in spending more than $40 for a pair of sneakers but the arch support on my black Nike Flyknits 4.0 helps with my 13 hour days immensely.


I’ve never been a huge fan of suede, since it requires upkeep if water gets on it, but recently, everything I buy has been suede. The texture is an easy way to keep a minimalist, chic style with essentially zero effort. That’s my kinda fashion.


I’ve never been one for the gym and my skinny stature doesn’t need to lose any weight. Contrary to popular belief, yoga can create muscle tone along with relieving stress and releasing endorphins.

Parks and Recreation

Leslie Knope’s tenacity inspires me every day and if I can’t decide what to watch, I’ll never get tired of re-watching it. Keep your tissues nearby, you’ll become emotionally attached.

I have a habit when, once I like something, I become fixated on it for a long time and I never want to try anything else.

It’s just easier to depend on that product you know you love and is going to do the job right.

Along with taking on new adventures this year, I want to also be adventurous with the products, in my search for the best of the best.

I hope to have a completely new list for my next favorites post.

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