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Hi loves!

Like every other girl in her almost early twenties, I’m always looking for new beauty, fashion and lifestyle inspiration.

I’ve always been the creative type ever since I was little.

My favorite toy to ask from my parents every Christmas and birthday was a new set of Crayola Crayons (with the sharpener in the back of course).

I used to take anything from old scraps of paper and even my grandfather’s  Newspaper and make drawings, greeting cards and other elaborate projects.

As I got older and more independent, my creativity shifted towards fashion, makeup and lifestyle.

Follow my blog and all of the new trends and tips that I try out!

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Tina Vithlani

The Lifestyle Blogger

I'm Tina Vithlani, the Lifestyle Blogger, going to write about fashion, fitness, beauty, books, authors, foods, shopping, travel, destinations, and personal experiences

  • Ananth

    Very smooth read. Best of luck for new blog.