zoeva makeup brushes
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Zoeva Makeup Brushes

Without the proper tools, you can’t expect to get the job done correctly.

These Zoeva Makeup Brushes are the ideal tools you need in your makeup arsenal.

I remember back when I first started with makeup, I used the little triangular brushes that came with the drugstore eye shadows (admit it, we’ve all used them) and then moved up to some Forever 21 eye shadow brushes.

If you’re starting off in makeup, Zoeva can be quite the investment so more affordable options can be found in a Target, Ulta, or even Amazon.

Also note that the price on the Zoeva website is in Euros, so the price in dollars will be closer to $70-80 for the set I purchased below. PayPal is required it purchase and it will automatically calculate the currency rate.

The hairs are extremely soft and glide the product on like a dream. When sprayed with a setting spray beforehand, they can deliver intense color pay-off, and with the wide variety of brushes, any look in possible! Below I have full the eye set but they also sell many amazing face brushes!

Listed from left to right, this eye set includes: a Pencil Brush, Crease Brush, Detail Shader, Defined Crease Brush, Concealor Buffer, Winged Liner Brush, Smudger Brush, Soft Definer, Brow Line Brush, Fine Liner, Petite Crease Brush, and Smokey Shader Brush.

The brushes I use most common are the detail shader, smudge brush, crease and soft definer.

They also have their own range of lipsticks and eyeshadows, including a detail brush guide explaining all the brushes they have to offer, useful for both novices and professionals.

These brushes give me the precision to perfect any look I get inspired to do and they are the best and only brushes that I use!

zoeva makeup brushes

Zoeva Makeup Brushes

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